Slav squatting and Its Discontent

Black Hole Generation (David Krňanský, Martin Lukáč, Julius Reichel, Štepan Marko) Adam Gruba Nomadic State (Karolina Mełnicka & Stach Szumski) Iwan Winjono

Piotr Sikora feat. Szilvi Német and Zuzana Jakalová

Aug 23, 2017 - Aug 26, 2017
Galéria HIT, Bratislava

Aug 26, 2017 7PM

4 days of lectures, performances, and walks

Slav Squatting moved out from the post-soviet suburbs and now it's taking over the Internet. It's also taking over our minds by its simple yet catchy form combining Buddhist mediation with thug life street style. For those of you who don't know what is Slav squatting /snap! / I have only oneadvice. Ask Boris! As for the rest, oh my brothers Slavs! Once again we have a unique chance to feel proud from our Eastern-European origins and yes, indeed we are going to celebrate it with this exceptional project.

Place: Hit Gallery, Hviezdoslavovo nam. 18, and different venues according to schedule.

23rd of August Wednesday
3pm squatting Petržalka – first attempt
7pm why do slavs squat – performative lecture by Piotr Sikora at HIT gallery

24th of August Thursday
1pm squatting Petržalka – second attempt
3pm urban fashion hunting with Szilvi Nemet /LuxusSecondhand -Budatínska 27
6pm drink at UFO

25th of August Friday
11am trip to Vrakuňa
3pm squatting Petržalka – third attempt
7pm indonesian squatting session powered by Iwan Wijono at HIT gallery

26th of August Saturday
1pm squatting Petržalka – attempt fourth and last