Oct 18, 2013 - Nov 28, 2013
Galéria HIT, Bratislava

Oct 18, 2013 6PM

Exhibition of artist Ilona Németh is first solo presentation in the gallery HIT and presents a selection of works that chart the direction of her recent work. She works with personal history: interactive installation "Zsófia Meller" in contact with the historical context of the position of women in society and work "Veľké Slemence / Border", tells the story of families around the geopolitical division of the village in eastern Slovakia. Movie "Fog" is outcome of an action in a frame of project "Zero Point", in cooperation with the initiative of the Public Pedestal. "Fog" is ephemeral, ever-changing "object" on Freedom Square in Bratislava and shows his temporary presence, burdensome Square, the distorted understanding of public space not only its political power, but also the wider public society. "Fog" appropriately follows the tradition of political demonstrations and actions, but also social and entertainment purposes, which are held at Freedom Square.