Zuzana Žabková

Mar 27, 2013 - Apr 13, 2013
Galéria HIT, Bratislava

Mar 27, 2013 7PM

Ich ruf zu dir …is an incomplete title of Bach's cantatas, which served as an inspiration for creation of five graphic partitures - libretto for its audio-motional interpretation. Each partiture is created with different approach and is always dedicated to someone and something else. At the beginning there was a fascination of parallel intertwining stories about Bach, his family, Solaris, Hare, Tarkovsky ... as they emerge from vertical history into a parallel one on the horizontal line that connects them subtly. Right in the first image we find ourselves immersed in the theme by a direct intervention into Bach's original partiture of “Ich ruf zu dir herr Jesu Christ”, which is a baseline musical motif of Tarkovski's Solaris (1972).
By positioning vertical stave over the original horizontal one emerges a new score. Thus serves for an interpretation of “Music for Ocean”.
As Bach's music underscores the storyline in the movie, here, on the other hand, the story of Solaris with its possible extensions and conflicts projects reversely- for instance, between reality and fiction which is served feasibly. If we decide to sink into this ocean, that “can materialize the most hidden ideas”, we choose fiction as a resource for reality. Finally, an improvisational music-dance group “Open Door” would perform interpretations of the graphic partitures “Ich ruf zu Dir” as an epilogue of the project. Thus will take place in May in Studio 12.

Michal Húska a Zuzana Žabková